My Story: Nowhere to Run

Becky Mortkowicz’s family are Jewish refugees from Poland, while Claudette leads a carefree life in Paris. The two girls come from very different backgrounds, but the horrors of the Nazi occupation will bring them dramatically together. Forced to flee Warsaw and seek refuge in France, Becky’s family are offered a home by Claudette’s father. Friendship blossoms between the girls, but Becky’s safe haven is to be short-lived as the Nazis edge closer to the French border. Soon her family are forced to flee once more. But even in the so-called Free Zone, there are murmurings that an invasion may be imminent. Will Becky survive the war to see her friend again?

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  • Carol Drinkwater

    Carol Drinkwater is a former actress and now best-selling author for both children and adults. She has written many My Story titles for Scholastic and is the author of the highly successful Olive Farm series. Carol lives in the south of France.

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