My Story: The Sweep's Boy

The fog-choked streets of London in 1870 are a truly perilous place for a boy like Will. Forced by the Workhouse Master into employment as a chimney sweep, Will endures a hard, dirty, dangerous existence. But it’s not long before events take an even worse turn, as Will’s climbing skills attract the attention of the evil Hutch, who needs just such a boy to help him with his burglary jobs…

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  • wonderful, loved it.

    8 March 2014

  • Heart pounding

    3 March 2013

  • loved it

    really good book.if you think about it you find its really sad, thats what a good book does! the story is amazing,see for yourself.

    16 January 2012

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  • Jim Eldridge

    Jim Eldridge is the award-winning author of The Trenches, Flying Ace and Armada in the boy’s strand of the My Story series. He is also a TV script-writer for the BBC.

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