My Top 20 Weird Animals

Star cars, stickers and freaky photos galore. Rank your Top 20 oddball critters. Nature can be very weird. But what’s the weirdest creature of all? Now’s your chance to decide. All the info you need is here: strange statistics, bizarre profiles and hilarious critter mugshots. Plus 50 stickers and 20 silver-foiled star cards to help you make your rankings. Ugly fish, revolting reptiles, freaky bugs and weird mammals. Even a murderous rainbow-coloured shrimp which can punch as fast as a bullet and smash the glass of aquarium tanks. There can only be one winner – so which will be yours?

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  • okay

    Has some really odd animals and good photos. The cards showing statistics on the animals are good

    9 March 2013

  • I dont now wath it is about but I hope I get it

    2 April 2011

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