My True Story: Give Us the Vote!

Proof from history: don’t take no for an answer if you want to change the world. A gripping true story. England’s women want the vote. (Not all of them, but plenty.) They ask nicely. Nobody listens. So they ask again – louder. Will their demands be heard? Dora Thewlis is sixteen. She works a ten-hour day at the loom. But she longs for a better world. So this young weaver from Huddersfield joins a march in London calling for the women’s vote. She is arrested outside the Houses of Parliament – becoming front page news. Will her fiery spirit survive prison? And would you have the guts to fight for your rights like the real-life ‘Baby Suffragette’?

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  • Sue Reid

    Sue Reid is a widely published author for children and has written My Story – Mill Girl for Scholastic

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