My Weirder School Box Set

This school makes Hogwarts look normal. Enrol now. Don’t be trapped in boredom. Are you unlucky enough to go to a boring school? Then it’s time to enrol at My Weirder School. It’s a freaky-deaky place where all the teachers are, well, crazy. If Willy Wonka taught your class, it’d probably be like this. There’s the history teacher with a passion for toilets. The mayor who teaches pupils to kiss babies. And the teacher who is, erm, a dog. Wag your tail for that! A series with over six million books sold to happy readers. They know it’s the coolest school of all.

Contains ten books:

My Weirder School: Miss Child Has Gone Wild!

My Weirder School: Mr Harrison is Embarrassin’!

My Weirder School: Mrs Lilly is Silly!

My Weirder School: Mr Burke is Berserk!

My Weirder School: Ms Beard is Weird!

My Weirder School: Mayor Hubble is in Trouble!

My Weirder School: Mrs Cooney is Loony!

My Weirder School: Dr Nicholas is Ridiculous!

My Weirder School: Ms Sue Has No Clue!

My Weirder School: Mr Jack is a Maniac!

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