My Weirder School: Dr Nicholas is Ridiculous!

Discover the school that makes Hogwarts look normal. Are you unlucky enough to go to a normal, boring school? Then it’s time to enrol at My Weirder School. None of the teachers are dull. But they’re all pretty weird – in a very funny way. Now Dr Nicholas is teaching A.J.’s class some history. But Dr Nicholas doesn’t care about Christopher Columbus or who wrote the Declaration of Independence. She wants to teach the kids the history of toilets. Then she builds a time machine to take the class on a field trip to the past and future. Who will get stuck in time? You’ll have a hoot finding out!

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    Um,well in my opinion the harry potter series is unbeatable….but for fans of this book,’This book sure is weird’ ( Pun intended ! )

    16 December 2014

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