Natboff! One Million Years of Stupidity

Well, dip me in history and call me a time traveller! It’s the utterly bonkers new book from the crazy world of Mr Gum! How much stupidity can you have in a million years? Uh – if you live in Lamonic Bibber, the answer is, a whole lot! There’s Natboff the Stone Age caveman, and a talking grape called Plover. There’s a mad Victorian inventor, a malcontent squirrel and a sort-of Shakespearian play. Not to mention the Plague, the Great Fire and the merrie old English monarchy. Are you ready to peek into the dark depths of all this utter idiocy? Then strap on your laughter goggles and let’s go!

  • A super-silly take on history from the world of Mr Gum
  • Packed with stories, poems and laugh-out-loud ‘facts’
  • Ideal for fans of Horrible Histories and David Walliams
  • Hilarious pictures by the wonderful David Tazzyman

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  • Photo of Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton is author of the hilarious Mr Gum books. He’s won loads of awards, especially those voted for by children.


    Andy has won the Blue Peter, Red House and Richard & Judy awards for You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum, and the Blue Peter Award and Roald Dahl Funny Prize for Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear.

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