Nerdy Ninjas vs. the Really, Really Bad Guys

Jake, Ben, Pongo and Veejay might seem like your average nerds. Between them they love science, play the trumpet near constantly, sing opera and have most allergies under the sun. Veejay even has a 27-page alphabetical list of activities he’s not allowed to take part in (from aardvark acquisition and monitor lizard monitoring, to exposure to the non-specific word ‘umpteen’). But when the local bully refuses to pick on them, declaring them too nerdy to bully, the four geeks decide to battle their fears (and allergies…) to become ninjas. But how? These four loveable nerds have a long way to go – at the start they don’t even know what ninjas do, let alone how they do it! The fearless foursome come up with a truly unique plan, and with these nerdy ninjas on the loose, those bad guys won’t know (or see) what’s hit them!

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