New Jungle Book Adventures #2: Return to the Jungle

An elephant needs help. Can Mak save it in this new survival quest? Six months ago, Mak discovered the true spirit of the jungle. Now he’s on a mission to protect its wild heart. A young elephant has been kidnapped by a ruthless trader. Mak and his friend Diya must save it. So they follow the elephant into the heart of the jungle, hoping to set it free. But it’s not long before they end up in danger too. With a bit of inspiration from Bear Grylls and his legendary survival skills, can Mak and the elephant stay alive?

  • A gripping modern adventure inspired by The Jungle Book
  • Written by real-life explorer/survival expert Bear Grylls
  • Bear has climbed Everest and served with the SAS
  • He is also a bestselling author and TV presenter

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