Ninja Kid: Flying Ninja!

When he was just an ordinary nerd with a thing for comic books, Nelson dreamed of being a hero with cool battle skills. Just like a ninja, in fact! But now that he actually is a ninja – the last ninja on Earth – he wouldn’t mind going back to his simple former life. Saving the world isn’t easy when you’re not cool, or brave, or popular. Half the time, people don’t even say thanks! And now our nerdy ninja must use his new jetpack to stop a robot rampage. But how can he learn to fly when he’s terrified of heights?

  • Hilarious middle-grade fiction with witty illustrations
  • Unlikely hero Nelson will inspire and reassure every kid
  • Perfect for fans of Captain Underpants and Tom Gates
  • Written by hugely popular Australian comedian Anh Do
  • Anh’s bestselling books include The Happiest Refugee

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