Ninja Kid: From Nerd to Ninja

Would you rather be a nerd or a ninja? Think before you answer! Nelson reckons being a massive nerd is pretty much the worst thing ever. He’s unfit, uncool and totally awkward. Everyone laughs at him. That is, until he wakes up on his tenth birthday and finds out that he’s a NINJA! THE LAST NINJA ON EARTH! The only problem with being a ninja is – actually, wait! There are lots! And the biggest problem is that now Nelson has to save the world. How will he do that when he can’t even put his pants on the right way round?

  • Hilarious middle-grade fiction with witty illustrations
  • Written by hugely popular Australian comedian Anh Do
  • Anh’s bestselling books include The Happiest Refugee
  • Nelson is a superbly unconventional hero to root for

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