Operation Itchy Bum

Alistair D’Arcy McDermott has a great mum and a great dad who love him very much, but aren’t so keen on each other. He also has a best friend with a wicked laugh, and a teacher who wears tight white trousers and loves humiliating kids. So when his mum starts dating the teacher from hell, Burke the Jerk, Al’s worst nightmare has come true. And when she tells him that they’re all going on holiday together, Al’s got to do something drastic. So he packs his bag of total destruction and heads off for the holiday from hell….

A laugh-aloud tale of itching powder, stink bombs and nightmare teachers, told in an ingenious and irresistible new voice.

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    I think this book is going to be hilarious i going to love it!!!

    8 March 2014

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    Operation itchy bum is a go go go

    26 June 2012

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    Niki Daly

    Niki Daly is the author of hilarious books like Operation Itchy Bum and many picture books like The Boy on the Beach.


    Niki Daly won the Molteno Gold Medal Award for his contribution to English literature in South Africa.

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