Overwatch: Updated Official World Guide

Your gotta-have-it guide to the Blizzard game that’s even more ‘wow’ than WoW! It’s time to fight for the future. Stand up and be counted! When evil rises, the good guys step up. Right now, that means Overwatch. A task force of tough-as-nails superheroes, scientists, soldiers and robots, on a mission to save the planet from global crisis. From time-jumping Tracer to genetically engineered gorilla Winston, get to know the warriors, weapons and tactics of the Overwatch alliance.

  • Your complete guide to the IGN Game of the Year 2016
  • Updated with new characters, weapons, maps and a poster
  • Overwatch is made by the creators of World of Warcraft
  • It has over 32 million players and has won over 100 awards

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