Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

Lots of dictionaries tell you what an alligator is, or how to spell balloon. But they won’t explain the difference between a ringbeller and a trogglehumper, or say why witches need gruntles’ eggs, or suggest a word for the shape of a Vermicious Knid. This dictionary does! It’s bursting with wacky words that Roald Dahl invented himself, like ‘biffsquiggled’ and ‘whizzpopping’. Plus, it’s got quotes from all your favourite Dahl books. And like every Roald Dahl classic, it’s illustrated (in full colour) by the magnificent Quentin Blake. Scrumdiddlyumptious!

  • A witty, inspiring lexicon of Roald Dahl’s language
  • Bursting with full-colour pictures by Quentin Blake
  • Quotes and examples from favourite Roald Dahl stories
  • Fascinating insights into Roald Dahl’s life and world
  • Kids will love exploring words with this unique book

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