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Half Greek god. All-round legend! Percy’s battling monsters and saving the world (in between homework assignments). Newsflash: the Greek gods are alive! And so are all your scariest nightmares. ‘Troubled’ New York teenager Percy Jackson is used to bullies and angry teachers. But when he discovers he’s the son of Poseidon, he finds himself facing real-life monsters. Now he’s being packed off to Half-Blood Hill, the Long Island camp where the offspring of Greek gods are trained. But battling legendary monsters is only part of the timetable. Saving the world is the other part…

  • Rick Riordan’s bestselling and hugely acclaimed series
  • Percy is a fantastic hero – a dyslexic modern demigod
  • Bursting with action, battles, monsters and humour
  • A funny, original and thrilling take on Greek myths

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  • rubbish

    I hate rick riordan.He just literally copied J.K Rowling.e.g. Harry potter and the half blood prince rick Riordan wrote Percy Jackson and the half – blood hill.He also kind of copied the fourth harry potter book so yeah.Shame on you, Rick Riordan.

    27 December 2016

  • Its really call he fights loads of cool monsters!

    5 July 2016

  • Rick riordan is the best writer ever! Adventurous as well as funny. I am surprised that Rick riordan actually wrote the actual myth by putting it into real world. Just find it out in Wikipedia

    24 September 2015

  • loved it

    Best book in the world, no the universe. I got this for my birthday and literally read it over 500 times! My friend says Enid blighton books are better. Yeah right!

    15 March 2015

  • loved it

    Best books ever written by the very best author

    4 November 2014

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  • Photo of Rick Riordan

    Rick Riordan

    Rick Riordan is blockbuster author of the best-selling Percy Jackson books, The Kane Chronicles and the Magnus Chase series.


    Rick won the Askews and Red House Children’s Book Awards for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in 2006, and was named the US Children’s Choice Author of the Year in 2011.

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