Pet Defenders #6: Invasion of the Giant Nits

The Pet Defenders aren’t your typical secret agent team. For a start, Biskit is a dog and Mitzy is a cat. Oh, and they don’t just chase other spies or sniff out people’s secrets. They save the world from alien invasions. (That is, when they’re not fighting cat and dog.) Now the Pet Defenders are facing a grotesque new enemy. Does the mere idea of a nit get you itching all over? Uh-oh! A huge alien spider wants to destroy the planet with an army of ginormous nits. Plus, she’s shrunk Mitzy to the size of a louse. How will our heroes fight back? It’s a head-scratcher!

  • A fast-paced mix of action, mystery and comedy
  • Perfect for fans of Spy Dog and Ricky Ricotta
  • Garth P. Jones is a Blue Peter Award winner
  • His books include the Ninja Meerkats series

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  • Awards

    Gareth P. Jones won the 2012 Blue Peter Book Award for The Considine Curse and the Doncaster Children’s Book Award for The Thornthwaite Inheritance.

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