Pig the Winner

A funny triumph! Who says cheating is for losers? Pig the wicked pug thinks it’s great. He’s totally the biggest cheater ever. Pig loves winning – whatever it takes! But although he’s very greedy, he’s not very smart. He’s too daft to know that only losers cheat. When he tries to beat Trevor the sausage dog, Pig learns a hard lesson. Ouch! (But when it comes to making us laugh lots, he’s the winner hands down.)

  • The third story about Pig the wickedly loveable pug
  • Bouncy rhymes, witty pictures and a cautionary message
  • Funny way to learn about sportsmanship and fair play
  • Aaron Blabey is an actor, artist and bestselling author

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  • Awards

    Aaron Blabey won the Children’s Book Council Australia Book of the Year Award for picture book Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley.

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