Pippa Morgan's Diary #1: Pippa Morgan's Diary

Is she even funnier than Barry Loser? Place your bets on who’ll win Pippa’s talent show. If you love Tom Gates, Dork Diaries or the brilliant Barry, this is the next big series to go completely nuts about. (And yes, it does have awesome doodles.) A family breakup. A school talent show. Something tells us Pippa’s year is going to be crazy. Why, oh why, did she sign up for the talent contest in a dumb attempt to impress the coolest girl in school? Pippa’s singing sounds worse than a cat being strangled. Luckily, she does have one talent: making you laugh like heck.

  • Great new voice for fans of Tom Gates and Dork Diaries
  • Appealing diary format packed with funny doodles

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