Pocket Power: Pets

A mini file of cuties to slip into your pocket. Now you needn’t choose one pet – there’s room for them all! If you’re wild about pets and you can’t bear to be away from them, here’s a fluffy way to keep them by your side. This adorable mini file is chock-a-block with cuties who just love to be carried round everywhere you go. Fluffy ducklings, cheeky kittens, podgy hamsters and velvety puppies – to play with anywhere and any time. Just how cute is that?

  • Includes a gorgeous metal cat charm keyring
  • Have fun with stickers, notepaper and a poster
  • Read up on fun facts in the colourful booklet
  • Find out how to care for your favourite pets

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  • This is the cutest book ever!!!!!!!!

    10 June 2011

  • I found out loads about animals and pets! it was really cool!!!!

    11 September 2009

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