Princess DisGrace #4: Princess DisGrace: Winter Term at Tall Towers

Winter rocks. It’s seriously cool – geddit? Especially when you’re a student at Tall Towers: a school with a rather nifty frozen lake. What’s it perfect for? Ice-skating! Something that (oh dear) Princess Grace won’t be very… um… graceful at! But who cares about falling over when skating is so much fun? Even better, the best skater in the class will get to star in a magical show with famous ice dancer Glacia Blizzard. Thing is: in between going splat, Grace has noticed something not quite right (read: sinister and deadly) about the celebrity skater. Can Grace stay upright long enough to save her school from a frosty fate? Uh-oh…

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  • Lou Kuenzler

    Lou Kuenzler was brought up on Dartmoor and moved to Northern Ireland to study theatre. She went on to work as a theatre director, drama lecturer and workshop leader. Lou now lives in London with her husband and their two children. @LouKuenzler

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