Puppies Online: Treasure Hunt

Darn cute. Gadget-happy. They’ll make you smile and (hopefully) save the world. Funny reading packed with flavour: tastier than a lovely bowl of Pedigree Chum. Love spending your days googling puppies? Or surfing your top websites? So do the Puppies Online. These smart young things are kitted out with all the latest tech. There’s Einstein the brainy dachshund, Puzzle the snoozy sheepdog and Bounce the speedy spaniel. Now this cuddly trio are on holiday at a very special kennel – a lighthouse by the sea! But there’s no time for sunbathing. The evil Mike Dodger has stolen an ancient treasure map. It’s a race against time for the pups to sniff out the treasure. And make you howl with laughter while they do it.

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