RSPCA #4: The Abandoned Kitten

A heartwarming tale of a baby animal in need of love. Show your love by buying it and saving real animals!

Lily thinks her mum has an amazing job – she works as an Animal Care Assistant at an RSPCA centre. When three tiny abandoned kittens are brought to the centre, Lily’s mum is so worried about them that she brings them home for the night. Lily stays up with her mum to nurse the kittens, and her rescue dog Poppy also wants to help. As Poppy helps to mother the little cats in their basket, they soon stop feeling so alone… A lovely story from a charming new series which helps to raise funds for the RSPCA.

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Recent reviews

  • i think this book was great!

    17 May 2015

  • okay

    I love this book I want to read this book again you know so I am.

    11 January 2015

  • loved it

    Such a cute little kitten Good book

    7 March 2014

  • I think I will like this becuse it has kittens in it. I like cats and kittens. I am despret to by this. It is a hard tittle to read.

    3 March 2014

  • loved it

    I’m on page 26 next and so far the book is amazing. I like the part were Lily ,Max and Jacobs mum brings home three kittens. One is black all over, another was black with white paws and a white mark on its face and last but not least the smallest kitten was a tabby with grey and black markings. I would recommend it to all ages because then people would know what the kittens are going through. IT IS BASED ON A REALLIFE ANIMAL RESCUE. Have a look inside on the page its called The Abandoned Kitten.

    9 July 2013

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