Race the Wild Pack x 5

Welcome to the biggest race on Earth – the ultimate test of your mettle. You’re not just racing against people. You’re racing against the planet! Being fast is only the start. You’ve got to be tough, brave, resilient and smart. The kids in Team Red know how to face challenges. They know how to swim, sled, run, dive and even fly a hot air balloon. But are Team Red ready to handle the dangers that nature throws at them? Can they keep working together when things get really hard?

  • The first five adventures from this fantastic series
  • Each story takes place in a different exotic setting
  • Exciting tales of teamwork and survival in the wild
  • Find out what makes each Team Red competitor tick

“Along with zoological wonders, the race offers exciting challenges aplenty.” Booklist

“Fans of survival stories, adventure, puzzles, and mystery will enjoy this.” School Library Journal

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