Radio Boy #2: Radio Boy and the Revenge of Grandad

Talk about Radio Gaga. Spike’s Grandad Ray is live on air, hogging the limelight! Ever heard the showbiz motto, never work with animals or children? Well, Spike has something to add: never work with old folk! Ever since Spike’s radio show turned him into a superstar DJ, he’s been the talk of the town. So when Grandad Ray comes to stay after a shock split from Nan, Spike cheers him up by inviting him onto the show. At first Ray’s an instant hit – but he keeps telling the same three stories over and over again. Awkward! And when Spike has to sack him, Grandad Ray refuses to go quietly…

  • The second hilarious story about Spike’s life on air
  • Written by breakfast radio star Christian O’Connell
  • A laugh-aloud story of families, fallouts – and radio!
  • Christian is a top presenter and stand-up comedian

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