Rainbow Magic Early Reader: Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy

The classic winter favourite – now with the blast of colour that younger fans have been waiting for! Winter is enchanting! Sparkly snow, bright icicles: frozen Fairyland is a magical sight. (Even if it’s chilly enough to make a penguin think brrrr.) And who’s in charge of the crisp snow, bright sunshine, toboggan races and hot chocolate by firelight? Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy, who makes sure winter is a happy time. But when Jack Frost steals her magic objects, an epic chill sets in! Can Rachel and Kirsty take action? Or will Fairyland be frozen forever?

  • A short colour version of a Rainbow Magic favourite
  • Perfect winter reading for younger fans of the series
  • Rainbow Magic has sold over 29 million copies
  • Simple formula which quickly builds confidence

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