Rainbow Magic One-Offs: Jae the Boy Band Fairy

Let’s hear a round of applause for the first ever Rainbow Magic boy fairy! But – oh dear! Jae has stage fright! Kirsty and Rachel are totally excited. They’re off to see their favourite boy band in concert. A great time is guaranteed. After all, Jae the Boy Band Fairy is watching over the show, making sure things go without a hitch. But when Jack Frost steals Jae’s magical microphone, Jae and the band get stage fright and forget their moves. The performance is turning into a shambles! Can Rachel and Kirsty make sure the show goes on?

  • A fabulous boy hero for the Rainbow Magic world
  • Makes this series even more appealing to children
  • A lovely way to build confidence with longer fiction
  • Over 29 million Rainbow Magic books sold worldwide

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