Rastamouse and the Crucial Plan

All the cheese in Mouseland has been stolen, leaving the baby mice at the orphanage starving. The thieving must be stopped. Luckily, the President knows just who to call: Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer of the Easy Crew! Told in infectious Jamaican rhythm and rhyme, accompanied by pictures in striking primary colours, this sweet and funny tale promotes a message of harmony and understanding. Follow our reggae-loving rodent as he puts things right in a cool crime-fighting adventure!

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  • Genevieve Webster

    Genevieve Webster is a talented children’s illustrator and designer. Formerly Art Director at Reed Children’s Books, she now divides her time between freelance design, illustration and writing. Her work includes illustrating books such as Woof! Woof! for ABC Children’s Books and writing and illustrating four novelty books for Marks and Spencer. She lives in London.

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