Read Write Inc: My Reading and Writing Kit - Early Sounds and Blending

A bumper set of goodies to help you read and write at home. You’ll even decorate your room with a colourful wall frieze! Everybody’s talking about Read Write Inc: the wonder literacy programme. It’s wowed the government and starred on TV. Parents and teachers love it. But now you don’t have to sit in a classroom to enjoy the benefits. This kit lets you learn at home and decorate your room into the bargain! It includes phonics flashcards, a handwriting workbook, a phonics wall frieze and a wipe-clean writing practice sheet. Read, write, enjoy!

  • A colourful all-in-one kit from this hugely popular scheme
  • Phonic reading support plus simple handwriting practice
  • Wall frieze, phonic flashcards and a parent handbook
  • Handwriting workbook and wipe-clean practice chart

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