Return to the Secret Garden

Life is magical. Hope never dies. Miracles do happen. Holly’s sequel to classic book The Secret Garden is like a toasted marshmallow for your heart. Or like a cuddly puppy sleeping on your stomach. Or even like warming your hands by a roaring log fire with a mug of hot chocolate! We’re back at Misselthwaite Hall. But now it’s 1939: the start of World War Two. Emmie is one of a group of children evacuated to the country mansion. She’s heartbroken at being parted from her family. But that was before the crying boy. That was before finding Mary’s diary. That was before the secret garden…

  • Holly Webb’s magical sequel to The Secret Garden
  • A moving story of friendship with a wartime setting
  • The Times Children’s Book of the Week in 2015
  • “Compelling and engaging” – Powered by Reading

most of you thought this was rubbish