Ricky Ricotta #3: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs the Voodoo Vultures from Venus

Victor Von Vulture hates living on Planet Venus! It’s so hot that his food is always ruined, and his chocolate is so melted that he has to drink it with a straw! What’s a vulture to do? Surely on the planet next door – Earth – the food would be way better! So one terrible night, Victor and his army of vicious vultures invade Planet Earth by broadcasting a voodoo ray through all the televisions in the world! The next day at school, little mouse Ricky Ricotta realises that something is very wrong. Everyone is walking round in a daze and carrying tasty nibbles towards the town centre, where Victor and his Voodoo Vultures are devouring every bite of food in sight! Can Ricky and his Mighty Robot serve those vultures a big surprise, and save Earth’s inhabitants from slavery?

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  • Photo of Dav Pilkey

    Dav Pilkey

    Dav Pilkey is the author of the bestselling Captain Underpants series.


    Dav Pilkey has won several awards in the US, including the Publishers’ Weekly Funniest Book of the Year award for The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

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