Rise of the Dragons

By the author of Septimus Heap! What if dragons were real? It’s a dream come true, right? Or is it? In long-ago times, dragons lived beside humans in harmony. But when a rogue group, the Raptors, tried to seize power, the dragons were banished. Years passed, then decades, and then centuries. Most humans forgot the dragons ever existed. But for a few, the legend stayed alive. Sirin grew up hearing the stories. Still, they seemed hard to believe. That is, until she saw an odd streak of silver in the night sky. When Sirin ‘locks’ with a friendly dragon – the first child to do so in centuries – she learns that the dragons are rising. But not all of them mean well, and a terrible battle is dawning…

  • First in an epic series by Magyk legend Angie Sage
  • With nine collector cards and an online game to play
  • By the author of Septimus Heap and TodHunter Moon
  • Perfect for older fans of How to Train Your Dragon

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  • Awards

    Angie Sage won the Salford and North East Children’s Book Awards for Magyk.

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