Roblox: Top Adventure Games

Roblox: it’s the place to be. The place to play games, build games and share games with all your favourite people. Thing is, there are over 15 million games on this humongous platform. So where should you go to find the best ones? No worries: this book is your map! Here’s the official scoop on the adventure games that every clued-up kid ought to be playing, from the Bloxy Award-winning Jailbreak to the mahoosive Heroes of Robloxia. It’s got over 40 games rated and covered in cool colour profiles. Plus guides to gameplay, interviews with game creators, and cool tricks to ramp up your skills.

  • A handy guide to 40 top Roblox adventure games
  • Focus on popular and critically acclaimed choices
  • Facts, profiles, gameplay tips, interviews and more
  • The quickest way to find the perfect game for you

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