Romans on the Rampage!

Jeremy gets historically silly. A chariot race with goats? Bet we can bleat you! If you know about the Romans, you’ll know: 1) it’s hard to wear a toga without looking daft. 2) That’s why they spend lots of time naked in the bath. 3) They love chariot races. Which are like an ancient Formula One. Well, Perilus is a typical Roman boy. He loves driving his homemade chariot (pulled by the family goat), and dreams of being in the Circus Maximus one day. He has the cart. He has the goat. He’s even named for danger. And now it’s race day, and he’s finally got his big chance. Don’t forget your silly helmet!

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    Jeremy Strong

    At the age of three, Jeremy Strong fell out of a first floor window and landed on his head. He was in hospital for a week with a broken arm and a headache. Luckily he recovered, and today he is one of the UK’s favourite children’s authors!


    Jeremy has won lots of awards including the very first Manchester Book Award for Stuff, and the Children’s Book Award for The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog in 1997.

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