Roodica the Rude and the Famous Flea Trick

Long ago, when wolves and bears roamed the land, the Romans conquered Britain. But though they built fine houses and straight roads, lots of Britons fought back – and none more stubbornly than Queen Goodica’s daughter, Roodica the Rude! The Romans may have conquered her country, but Roodica won’t take it lying down. So when the fat Roman Tax Inspector confiscates her sister’s favourite chair, Roodica dreams up a cunning plan to get it back. She’ll need the help of her friend Gideon, and her pet dog Fleabag. But is Roodica biting off more than she can chew? Find out as this cheeky heroine springs into action!

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  • Margaret Ryan

    Margaret Ryan lives in Scotland and is well known as a very successful writer for young readers. Her books include ‘The Littlest Dragon’ series, ‘Puffling in a Pickle’, ‘The Queen’s Birthday Hat’, ‘Little Blue’ series and ‘Motley’s Crew’ series.


    Margaret Ryan won a Scottish Arts Council Award for The Queen’s Birthday Hat in 2000.

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