Rose Gold and Friends #2: Yasmeen's Winter Fun

Ice skating! Snacks! Movies! It’s a perfect weekend of winter fun, and NOTHING is going to spoil it! Winter has arrived, and Rose, Yasmeen, Amber and Oralie are planning a weekend of seasonal fun. They’ll be snuggling up indoors with cheesy films and tasty treats. Then, best of all, Yasmeen’s mum has promised to take them all ice skating! But when Yasmeen’s mum gets poorly, they realise she won’t be able to take them anywhere. Yasmeen feels terrible – both for her mum, and for her friends. Is it the end of their weekend plans? This is a test only true best friends can handle!

  • Second in a charming series about fun and friendship
  • Feelgood reading with a wonderfully wintry theme
  • Uplifting message about enjoying life together
  • A beautiful foiled cover adds sparkle to the story
  • Rose and her friends are relatable, kind and diverse

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