Ross Burach Pair

A joyous delight for little people who like laughing. Prepare to see your world as you’ve never seen it before! Maybe you’ve had a fly in your soup. After all, lots of us have. But have you ever found a giraffe in your soup? Or a lion who wants to eat you? Maybe you’ve been lost on a car journey. After all, drivers get lost all the time. But what if it’s a truck full of lost ducks? Do ducks know how to read maps? Bursting with wacky pictures and screwball comedy, these books confirm Ross Burach as a big talent to watch. The School Library Journal even likens his work to Mo Willems’s classic Pigeon books – a real vote of confidence in this bright young star.

  • Delightful picture books by an up-and-coming talent
  • Thought-provoking comedy paired with vibrant artwork
  • Ross Burach started out as an animator in children’s media
  • His zany, charming picture books are winning huge acclaim

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