Scholastic Classics: Romeo and Juliet

Ouch. Love is bliss. Love is horror. But in Shakespeare’s hands, it’s both at the exact same time. The complete playscript of the world’s most famous romantic tragedy: a heart-stopping tale of two star-crossed lovers. What’s it like to fall for your bitter enemy? Romeo and Juliet’s families are sworn rivals. There’s no way these young lovers can ever be together. But from the moment they meet, they can’t bear to be apart. A bitter vendetta. Forbidden love. Dreams that turn to disaster. You probably know how their story ends. Now it’s time to find out how it starts…

  • Shakespeare’s timeless tale of love, enmity and tragedy
  • The complete playscript in a handy and affordable format
  • Perfect for reading, performance or everyday study use
  • A must for anyone studying Romeo and Juliet at school

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