Scholastic Classics: The Call of the Wild

The breathtaking snowy tale of a sled dog’s fight to stay alive in the icy Northern wilds. Only the strong will survive… In the golden sunshine of California, Buck has no idea that his cosy life as a pet dog is about to change. But when he is snatched and sold by ruthless dog traders, he is forced to start a new life as a sled dog in the frozen North. Where once Buck knew leisure and comfort, now he endures hunger, cold, toil and hardship; the cruelty of men and the terror of wolves. Buck’s courage and cunning turn him into a feared leader. But as his savage instincts awaken, can he resist the call of the wild?

  • An epic wintry masterpiece by the author of White Fang
  • A gripping tale of wolves, dogs and men in the wild North
  • Adventure, animals, history, danger: this book has it all
  • The perfect winter classic to savour by a cosy fireside

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