Scholastic Classics: What Katy Did

Life can change in a second. Yes, it can. Then what do you do? Katy Carr is a brave, bold tomboy: a twelve-year-old girl who thinks big. She has grand dreams for the future. It’s just too bad she’s always getting into mischief! But one day, Katy makes a mistake. Nothing will ever be the same again. Can she find the courage and humour to accept the life she has now? Truly inspiring: a classic story so full of heart and hope that Jacqueline Wilson has just rewritten it. (Yes, you definitely should read both versions.)

  • Wise and touching story of courage and acceptance
  • Explores the impact of a life-changing accident
  • A must if you like Little Women or The Secret Garden
  • Reassuring tale full of warmth and gentle humour

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  • loved it

    I loved it and the more modern classic too.

    28 December 2021

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