Scholastic Reader: Panda Patrol

Could this special panda save his whole species? Read his amazing nature story. This is no ordinary panda. (If you could call any of those fascinating bears ordinary, that is.) He’s the hope of his entire species: the one who might stop pandas from becoming extinct in the wild. How? He’s been raised in captivity – but he thinks he’s a wild panda. He’s been raised in a natural setting. His keepers even dress up in panda disguise! One day soon, he’ll be released back into the wild. If it works out, maybe more zoo-bred pandas could follow him, helping this rare species to survive…

  • A true story about one of the world’s rarest creatures
  • Learn how conservationists are trying to save pandas
  • Full of incredible facts and beautiful colour photos
  • A fantastic easy reader for kids who love nature

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