Scholastic Value Pack x 3 (Age 11+)

Fantastic homegrown reads from our super-talented authors. Quiet moments? Rainy days? Don’t get bored. Get lost in a book! There are magical moments in the tiny town of Willow Falls, where it’s always someone’s birthday – and the birthday wishes often come true. There are totally daft laughs from prankster Ted L. Nancy and his best-loved Letters from a Nut series. Or if you’re in the mood for excitment, how about a Congo adventure full of twists, turns and danger? Never a dull moment!

  • Great reads from Scholastic’s fantastic homegrown talent
  • Bestselling authors including Wendy Mass and Ted L. Nancy
  • Exciting mix of genres, from humour to fantasy and action
  • An affordable way to build your book collection at home

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