Scratch It! Dragons

Mystical, mythical dragons emerging from the darkness. Rainbow dragons with scales that gleam like gems. Scratch them out and set them free with a book of creative fun where all these magical creatures come alive! This booklet has all the cool kit you need to get started – plus instructions on how to scratch all sorts of dragons, a mermaid, a sea serpent and more!

Contains a 32-page book, 12 sheets of special scratching card, envelopes, stickers and a wooden scratch pen.

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  • Really Good!

    7 March 2013

  • loved it

    i havent read this book i have ordered it so hopefully i will recieve it the book looks really good i know whats going to happen in the story and it sounds very intresting

    20 February 2011

  • this looks really good as it has stencils to scratch out on to the paper. i would love one of these

    3 October 2010

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