Secrets and Spies Pack

Perfect for fans of Mary Hooper, this new series drags sassy female spies and fiendish codes into a candlelit 17th century world of frilly frocks, intrigue and treason.

Fourteen-year-old Beth Johnson is not just a talented and beautiful young actress. She is also a secret spy. And she is on a mission to track down the treacherous renegades who hide behind the veneer of polite society, waiting to bring down the monarchy. The year is 1665, and a dangerous mastermind is plotting to kill King Charles II. From the teeming streets of Old London to the new colonies of America, and from plague to fire, Beth must decide how far she is willing to go to track this ruthless murderer down… A must for lovers of intrigue and mystery, this is action-packed spy fiction with a dramatic historical twist.

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