Shadow Magic #2: Dream Magic

Exit, light. Enter, night. Always dark, now Castle Gloom is hit by a black nightmare. Lily must fight back. But she can’t wake up… Lilith Shadow is no stranger to the dark side. Her family ruled over spooky critters of the night. Now Lily is growing into her powers as a fully fledged princess of darkness. (OK: she’s not totally nailed it yet, but she’s learning on the job.) Still, Lily’s darkness has never been evil. Yet evil seems to be rising. Trolls attacking the castle; huge spiders kidnapping villagers; a plague of zombies on the loose. What’s going on? Hmm: maybe it’s to do with an evil sorcerer known as the Dreamweaver. Our advice: DON’T sleep on the problem. Once you snooze, you’re lost…

  • Second in Joshua Khan’s sensational fantasy series
  • Hugely acclaimed series set in a dark gothic world
  • Lilith is a wonderfully strong and different heroine
  • For fans of Skulduggery Pleasant and Septimus Heap

“A fantasy world you will lose yourself in.” Rick Riordan

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