Sing Down the Moon

Some true stories are so powerful they just have to be told. Forced into slavery and made to walk 400 miles through the desert: a Navajo girl tells the historic tale of her people’s gruelling Long Walk. One lovely spring day, fourteen-year-old Bright Morning takes her sheep to pasture. The sky is clear blue against the deep red gullies and canyons of her Arizona homeland. The ripe fields and orchards promise a rich harvest. Bright Morning is happy as she gazes across the beautiful valley of her tribe. But when Black Dog barks, she turns to see Spanish slavers riding straight towards her… The Navajo tribe’s forced march to Fort Sumner, at the gunpoint of white soldiers, is dramatically told by Bright Morning in this classic story.

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    Scott O’Dell’s awards include the Newbery Medal for Island of Blue Dolphins and the Hans Christian Anderson award for Lifetime Achievement in 1972.

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