Sofa Dog

One mutt. One sofa. Lots of giggles! Sofa Dog loves his sofa – and there’s NO ROOM for anyone else. End of story! Or is it? Sadly for Sofa Dog, a few other folk want to share the sofa with him. There are two cats, three aunties, several rabbits and some orangutans. There’s even a prize-winning pony! What’s a sofa-loving dog to do? Join the mayhem in this book, and find out just how much you can squish on one sofa! Aw: just look at that cross look on Sofa Dog’s cute little face…

  • The adorable first book by the illustrator of Whiffy Wilson
  • A cuddly new character drawn in gorgeously cute artwork
  • The first book Leonie Lord has both written and illustrated
  • Leonie’s quirky, expressive art style has won huge acclaim

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