Spacemutts: Attack of the Ninja Kittens!

Did you know that there are aliens living among us? You might have seen them around. They’ve got fur, claws, whiskers and a fondness for mice… That’s right: CATS! An alien army of mean old moggies is hell-bent on world domination. But don’t worry – Earth’s not going to give up without a fight. This little blue planet happens to have the best interplanetary canine defence force in the universe: the Spacemutts! And now the Mutts have a new recruit – Duke, a shy Great Dane. But in their eagerness to overpower the evil Lady Fluffkins, the Mutts race into a trap. With their spaceship invaded by an army of ninja kittens, only a dog as huge as Duke can save the day!

Includes FREE collector cards.

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  • It sounds really good but I am probally not going to read it.

    18 July 2011

  • okay

    It was enjoyable but could have been longer and more complicated. Could have had more action but otherwise good.

    12 June 2011

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