Stan Stinky

Does surfing through a sewer sound like your kind of sport? U-bends, poo waves; forget the seaside, this is where it’s rat. Stan Stinky is a sewer rat with a passion for surfing. But now poor Stan is being forced to spend his summer stuck at home in his boring old hole. BOO. All his friends are off surfing the storm drains of the Bahamas. It’s not fair! But this holiday will be full of twists and turns, poo blockages, crazy boat rides and flushing toilets. His uncle disappears. Stan is lured up the U-bend into a human house. And he’ll find himself riding the biggest wave of all. Prepare to have your whiskers tickled.

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    Hannah won the Cambridgeshire Picture Book Award in 2009 for Evil Weasel, and was also the illustrator of The Great Hamster Massacre which won the 2010 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

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