Stan Stinky vs the Sewer Pirates

Poop, pirates, police chases. Like excitement? This is where it’s rat. The holidays are over. Stan Stinky, heroic sewer surfer, is back at school. Yawn. Everything is boringly normal – until a burglar strikes. Someone’s been looting the sewer! But then Stan’s uncle, Captain Ratts, becomes the chief suspect. Stan must find the real culprits. Can he fit a detective cap over his wonky ears and catch the dastardly pi-RATS? If you like Mr Gum, you’ll love this yucky funny!

  • Action-packed humour full of disgusting giggles
  • Hannah Shaw is an award-winning author and illustrator
  • Great reviews from kids and newspapers

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  • Awards

    Hannah won the Cambridgeshire Picture Book Award in 2009 for Evil Weasel, and was also the illustrator of The Great Hamster Massacre which won the 2010 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

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