Have you ever dreamed of a life on stage?

When Jess’s mum leaves home and her dad decides to take a job abroad, her whole life starts to change. She’s about to start at boarding school for the first time: the formidable Arden School of Performing Arts, deep in the English countryside. Arden isn’t just remote: it’s also tough and competitive. Will Jess make the grade in this challenging place? Join her on a voyage of discovery as she steps into her new future: meeting girls who will be friends for life… and making a few enemies on the way! If you like acting, X-Factor and Glee – or if you simply love a great story – Stars will dazzle you.

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  • I read the second one and I must say it was a fab book but you would need to like dancing otherwise this book isn’t for you

    13 May 2014

  • okay

    it is a great book

    8 March 2014

  • I thought it was quite nice, a great read.

    8 March 2014

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